KE gamedev meetup; take 0


Yesterday, we had the zeroth gamedev meetup in KoŇ°ice, Slovakia; which was my first attempt at 'organizing' such a thing (AKA: sending a bunch of emails and killing a lot of spiders).

A major twist was making this attempt in a hackerspace; Slovakia doesn't have much of a 'hacker-gamedev' culture at this point.

The presence of both game developers and hackers in the same room has lead to a bunch of awkward moments as well as unintended comedy. Overall I think this combination could be interesting if maintained in future. For one, I've noticed that hackers and gamedevs can have a sustained conversation on two separate topics while staying under the impression of discussing the same topic; This tends to eventually fall appart as the inconsistency eventually becomes too evident.

The event had a bunch of unexpected issues that should be avoided in future:

A more major (and somewhat expected) issue was the lack of capacity of the new v01d space; while an upgrade compared to the previous space, it was filled to capacity by 10-15 people. Fully equipping v01d (new chairs, some rearrangement) will slightly improve the capacity, where slightly <= 5. Anything more would likely lead to air quality issues and just the plain 'stuffed in a tin can' effect.

We will need a larger space for the meetup eventually, where eventually is ASAP. Universities are an option that would likely work, though may lead to some bureaucracy. I will keep looking for alternatives.

Not much has been done on the meetup (no talks, demos, etc. as there was no pre-planned content); two main results have been: