I’m Ferdinand Majerech, an Informatics student at UPJS. Most of the time I’m standing around some sort of a computer working on some project.

My interests include game development, open source and sci-fi/fantasy literature.

I use the D language whenever possible as I like how it combines raw performance with high-level features. I also like Python and C++.


Over time I’ve worked on a number of small open source projects:

  • Tharsis is a work-in-progress component-based entity framework built with threading in mind.
  • MiniINI is a fast C++ INI parser that suffers from terminal premature optimization.
  • D:YAML is a YAML parser/emitter in D based on PyYAML.
  • D:GameVFS is a virtual file system in D that currently can’t do much more than stack directories.
  • ICE is a prototype of a moddable vertical shooter.

Other projects in various stages of completion can be found here.

I’m also currently helping out with a local game development competition called IHRA (slovak language).