Random Tech Stuff Day @ v01d


We're planning an event for v01d members to 'mutually show off' what we're working on and possibly to recruit new members. This event will consist of 4 talks/workshops by v01d members concerning whatever they are working on at the moment.

For my part, I'll be talking about technical details of mechanical keyboards (including two different keyboards for people to try out), people making their own keyboards and keyboard-centric UIs (from Vim and inspired UIs to keyboard-heavy RTS UIs).

Basic outline of the event, as announced on the gamedev meetup a few days ago:

Random Tech Stuff Day

Saturday 20.02.2016, 13:00-17:30 @v01d (Narodna Trieda 74)

  • Ferdinand Majerech: The Keyboard Life

    Mechanical keyboards, the excentrics around them, and keyboard UIs

  • Radoslav Strobl: DIY Desktop Environment

    Building a desktop on Awesome; a Lua programmable Window Manager

  • Eduard Drusa: AVR/embedded ghetto style

    How I built my AVR stack from scratch, and how far it is from blinkenlights to a smart home controller

  • Lubomir Nagajda & Co.: Synthetic speech TBD

    Content depends on research progress